I am a native of northern Sweden, where the midnight sun sparks the summers and the winters are cloaked in snowy darkness. In my early twenties I started to explore the world and moved to the UK, with frequent travels to Central America and the USA.


As a child I was sensitive with a vivid imagination, and drawing and painting helped me to focus and stay grounded.  I have used oils, acrylics, pen and ink for over 30 years creating a wide range of art work. I am still learning and expanding my own creative vision.


For me, the process of applying paint to canvas is connected to healing, the addition of colour is blending away that which was before and reveals a new radiant image/being. During painting, the application of colour becomes a transformational experience which energises the canvas, as well as the body and soul, inside and out.


Drawing is more of a grounding process, where I can express spontaneity in the moment, and I draw every day to keep my creativity fresh. From these sketches I often get insights that might pertain to others aspects of my life.


My passion for colour and material culture and how these shape women’s identity was the focus of my academic studies for which I learnt to weave with Maya women in Guatemala. This deepened my knowledge of how creativity is connected to personhood and how material objects incite the development of social networks. In 2006 I received my PhD in Anthropology from UCL in London and six years later I self-published my edited dissertation.


Parallel to academia I have trained in Crystal and Energy Healing, Angel Therapy, Reiki and Shamanic work. Practising and working with these modalities encouraged me to take what I have learnt into the wider world.


In 2016 I published a book on crystals and creativity which outlines fifteen crystals together with practical assignments to embrace your inner artist. It is available in print and for Kindle on Amazon


I am currently creating an oracle card deck dealing with feminine power, wisdom and beauty.


Have a look around my site to discover something new about yourself and your creativity.


Paint, draw, write and be in bliss.


Pia xox